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In 2016, the number of branded leather in the United States increased to 75%

Fecha:2017-08-24 14:22

The latest report of the American Association of the original leather and leather industry: welcomed the report focuses on the aquaculture industry in recent years to improve the quality of leather efforts, and cited the United States cattle industry improved year by year the quality of raw hide data. The report said, in 2016 75% Yan of leather and small cowhide is no longer.
According to a 2011 survey, 55% of slaughtered cattle no longer have a stigma, and 9.9% of slaughtered cattle have multiple brands. By 2016, however, that figure had dropped to 1.6%.
Stephen, chairman of the American leather and Leather Association, said that this was a successful return from all efforts and that the aquaculture industry would benefit from it. Stephen believes that this is a major change in the management of the U.S. cattle farming industry, and more and more farms are aware of the reduction of the brand will bring them more revenue.
According to the American leather and Leather Association, the sale price of each of the leather skins with a hip brand will be reduced by $1-2, and the sale price will be reduced by $12 per page if it is on the side.

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